Anar (10 Plants)

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The pomegranate tree bears bright red or orange coloured flowers. They generally bloom from June to September.


The pomegranate can be trained into trees or can be left as shrubs. They are usually 2ft-10ft in height.


Avoid fertilizing the plant during the first 12 months of its life.

The soil can be fertilized with a half cup of 10-10-10 or any other organic fertilizer.

Planting Guide

Pomegranate seeds germinate well at the normal room temperature in about 30-40 days. To cut the time by half, the soil temperature can be increased by a few degrees. The plant can be surrounded with foil and placed under direct sunlight for the seedlings to sprout.


The pomegranate fruit and its juice can be used for culinary purposes. The plant is also used for ornamental purposes because of its brightly coloured flowers.


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